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About us.

Founded in Oslo, Norway in 2023, Adelia is a specialized IT consulting firm dedicated to improving the operations of law firms and other businesses engaged in legal work.


Our goal is to provide these organizations with modern and effective IT solutions tailored to their specific needs. We understand that legal work is complex and time-consuming, and our mission is to make it easier and more efficient with the help of appropriate technology.

Our process starts with an in-depth analysis of your firm's current IT setup. We study your systems, identify the potential for improvement, and look for opportunities to integrate newer, more effective solutions. Our approach is thorough and detail-oriented, designed to pinpoint areas that would benefit from a technological upgrade.

We don't just offer advice - we also help implement the changes we recommend. If you choose to work with us beyond the analysis stage, we can guide your team through the process of upgrading your systems, helping to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

Additionally, we are developing our own proprietary technology solutions, tailored to the unique needs of the legal sector. While these tools are continuously launching, they are designed with a singular purpose - to make your legal work more efficient.

Our objective at Adelia is simple. We want to help legal firms and businesses improve their efficiency and productivity through effective use of technology. We see the potential in every client to achieve more, and we provide the tools and strategies to make it happen.

Adelia is more than just an IT consulting firm. We're your partner in digital transformation. Let us help you harness the power of technology and move your firm into the future.

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